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The Next 40 Fund

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Help us enter the next 40 years strong!

UPDATE 8/6/21: THANK YOU THANK YOU! We hit our July goal of $25K, and with some additional August generosity, we are now 75% of the way to our larger goal of $40K to seed THE NEXT 40 FUND. We hope to hit 40 within the calendar year and have adjusted the thermometer!! If you need a deadline, all gifts received by 8/15 will be included in our 40th Anniversary Exhibition catalogue. Look out for more information about our 40th Anniversary Exhibition happening this September, curated by none-other-than Pyramid's Founder Helen Frederick. This exhibition will pull one-of-a-kind pieces out of the Pyramid archives, and is not to be missed. Your donation to The 40 Fund will ensure unique pieces like what you'll see this September will continue to be created throughout Pyramid's future.

UPDATE 6/15/21: We've made it to $15,000 on our quest to $40K! Thank you all so much for the support! With your help, we hope to raise an additional $10K by the end of July, putting us well above the halfway point. Here we go!

UPDATE 5/21/21: WE MET THE MATCH! And thanks to all of you, we got there in one short week! Thank you to everyone who donated to kick-off THE NEXT 40 FUND. And an even bigger thank you to Ronald Abramson and the Galena-Yorktown Foundation for their generous $5,000 match!

Our overall goal for THE NEXT 40 FUND is $40K to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Because we exceeded our initial match so quickly, let's take another step toward our big goal with a SPRING STRETCH GOAL of an additional $5,000 by June 30, totaling $15,000 for the spring. Thank you for your donations and for spreading the word about Pyramid's big b-day!


This year, Pyramid turned the big 4–0. As many of you know, a pandemic year is not the ideal time to celebrate a birthday milestone, but this is a worthy moment of reflection and joy. It is unusual for a scrappy nonprofit to stay vital and relevant of this length of time. In addition to all the arts organizations that have come and gone, we can’t help but also note that we’ve exceeded the lifespan of some very substantial cultural movements (oh, the 80s!): Bally Fitness, the marriage of Lady Di and Prince Charles, Jordache Jeans, and, yes, sadly also The Go-Go’s!

Pyramid is still here! For an art center that revels in equipment and processes, some of which are centuries old, we are proud to be an organization that stands the test of time. The past 40 years have been full of drive to create a home where artists are supported in their work, and the community is heard and engaged in culture and creativity. Though this year proved particularly trying on both fronts, Pyramid is even more committed to its role in the lives of artists and the community.

So that Pyramid may continue to thrive into the future, we are pleased to announce THE NEXT 40 FUND. Our goal is to raise $40,000 for a “rainy day” fund to ensure Pyramid’s stability and longevity by helping it weather unforeseen circumstances.

We have received a $5,000 matching challenge from the Galena-Yorktown Foundation and hope to raise that match by June 30, 2021. That means your gift will count DOUBLE for Pyramid.

THE NEXT 40 FUND is part of a series of programs and initiatives that celebrate Pyramid’s past and prepare for its future. We look forward to sharing more details in the coming months. We are especially excited about our 40th Anniversary Exhibition curated by Pyramid’s founder Helen Frederick to open in September of 2021. Gifts of $40 or more to the NEXT 40 FUND will be recognized at all 40th Anniversary events.